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right now. police confirm tonight - this man you see here. christopher dorner- the fugitive murder suspect and former l.a. police officer - is dead. his body found in the rubble of a burned cabin near big bear. . kron 4's grant lodes joins us now with what's happening right now. grant? >> here is how things went down today. multiple news outlets, including cnn and the associated press is that his body was recovered in the charred remains. this is video from earlier, we are monitoring a press conference and the big bear area and in the meantime, this is where he was hiding after most of the afternoon, this cabin. swat team members, deputies surrounded this around 1:00 p.m. it lasted until about 4:00 p.m. that is when they started breaking windows. they realize that there was no hostages are once they broke and they shot tear- gas. there are going after christopher dorner. speaking on to a loudspeaker saying that this is your last chance. this machine was brought in to bring down the walls down. there is widespread speculation how that one lone shot could have been dorner with a self
. >> pam: breaking news breaking news right now. accused cop killer- christopher dorner. is surrounded in a southern california cabin. here it is -- on fire just moments ago. swat teams outisde and ready. they are ready. the former lapd officer declared war on police. and there is late word today. that another officer has been killed reportedly by dorner. grant lodes is standing by with what's happening right now. this is a very fluid situation. >> yes. here's what we know is happening right now: swat team members, deputies and officers believe they home in the big bear lake area. they do not know how the fire started. it is important to mention that he could still be inside. we just listened to a press conference and the past five minutes. they do not know where he is. and he is believed to be heavily armed. he could potentially could have escaped. if the past? they do not know where he is in the sand bernadine o deputy hdied. however, the secula second... san bernadino is in critical custody that was involved with the shoot out with christopher dorner. this standoff comes after dorne
[m[,j-Ñ they just did not know for sure that christopher dorner was still in that cabin. something else that one source has been speculating is recall he has scuba gear. if used properly can help protect someone from smoke inhalation. can't do anything as far as heat but can protect the suspect if still alive inside of the house from smoke intall halation. we're going to set the scene here as to what led up before this this, afternoon. u.s. marshals going to be clearing a cabin here. they cleared the scene and all vehicles left code three, lights and sirens. this is around 12:15, 12:20. as we were headed to thate w location, glass road and highway 38 were the stolen vehicled
for christopher dorner received a report on club view drive from the reporting party said that their vehicle had been stolen from their home. they also reported that the subject who stole their vehicle matched the description of christopher dorner. immediately all available law enforcement on the mountain and other units from down the hill began to surround the area. our air units were up. they located the vehicle. >> us the peck abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. he barricaded himself in a cabin. at that time, there was an exchange of gunfire between the law enforcement personnel outside of the cabin and the subject inside. during that gunfight. a deputy sheriff, two deputy sheriffs were shot. one of them died after being taken to melinda. the second deputy is currently in surgery and is expected to survive. >> were these deputies on routine patrol or were they part of this large. >> and the deputies that were shot were part of the search audits. (please stand by for change in captioner -- >> the house is burning quite significantly. and how soon before they go in and confirm whether h
>> millones de dólares como recompensa por información que lleve a encontrar a christopher dorner después de declrar guerra contra policía de los Ángeles , en san mateo ola de robos, le diremos que recimiendan las autoridades >> trasporte gratis para sus hijos les diremos donde ir >> noticias univisión 14 fin de semana >> hola, ¿qué tal?, muy buenas noches, soy ramos gracias por acompañarnos. niños de san francisco tienen transporte gratis desde marzo, hay miles de solictudes enviadas a las escuelas, si no tiene le diremos que hacer >> comosion de transporte ayudara a las familias >> tenga listo lapiz y papel para decirles lo que debe hacer >> están felices porque sus hijos tendran transporte ratis >> 2 van a la escuela >Ç>ahora no tienen que apartar dinero para transporte >> las escuelas tienen tarjeta para que sea gratissegun agencia de transportes hay miles de colicitud y evaluaran el número de viajes también lo que dicen los jovenes y después de más de 10 meses veremos si seguimos con el programa >> niños con los siguientes requisitos (información en pantalla) pueden soli
that consumed him. this is an ac 360 special killer cop, christopher dorner. here's randi kaye. >> reporter: it's been a terrifying two weeks for law enforcement in southern california as a lone gunman and ex-cop fuelled by anger set out on a killing rampage. tonight from los angeles, we bring you the story of one man who waged a deadly war of retribution and take you inside one of the largest manhunts in los angeles police history. for almost a decade, irvine california has been known as the safest city in america. in early february, this l.a. scene was the scene of a double murder. a crime at the time that offered no hint of the terror to come. >> call came out at 9:10 this evening at 2100 scholarship at a parking structure. >> february 3rd, 9:10 p.m. when irvine police responded to a tip and found keith lawrence and his fiancee monica kwan. both had been shot dead in lawrence's parked car. each had been shot multiple times. >> we are trying to figure out what happened. >> initially police had no motive and no leads. >> they get it in to lawrence. >> lawrence was a well liked college basketba
-fight in los angeles involving that fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner. you might recall he is wanted for the murder of a police officer michael crane and attempted murder of three other officers. what is going on in los angeles right now he is trapped and exchanging fire with california police authorities. we don't know much more than that. there is, indeed, a national manhunt for this guy. he has brought are vendetta who have crossed him, but they seem to have found dorner but we don't know for sure whether they've got dorner or can confirm that it is dorner. we do know there aggressive exchange of gunfire in los angeles. we don't know much more than that. when we do have more, we will, of course, keep you posted. >> other developments, in the meantime, just take a look what is going on with the repeat of history. i am sure you remember the ripping this president took for this. how about this president for this. president obama making the case that his debt mission is accomplished. take a look at this and virginia governor, he is not sure this is won by anybody. if he is saying that
two property owners who surprised accused cop killer christopher dorner telling the story of their ordeal. they told us that dorner tied them up in the cabin behind me and tonight they're talking about this daring escape and we're turning around that video and you will see it in just minutes right here, but first, did they get him? or has he done the unthinkable? has he tricked the police, planting his likeness of someone else and someone else being the charred body police found inside the burned out cabin. at this hour that charred body is being examined by forensic experts, but so much mystery remains of christopher dorner, and now, he was on the run for a week, and crisscrossing california and ending up right here in the resort town of big bear. police believe he spent days holed up in the cabin behind me under the the police and the media, but late yesterday police say they tracked dorner to another cabin, leading to a standoff. the very latest, he we go to fox news correspondent adam housley who is live at the sheriff's department. adam? >> yeah, greta. you talk about
promise. that's how it began for a police cadet named christopher dorner. it ended in a fiery shootout after a deadly manhunt capping a reign of terror. his promise to protect had become a vow of vengeance. his duty to serve, a mission to mete out punishment to those who fired him. in the hour ahead, everything that mattered from the terror he inflicted to the inferno that consumed him. this is an "a.c. 360" special, killer cop, inside the hunt for christopher dorner. here's randi kaye. >> reporter: it's been a terrifying two weeks for law enforcement in southern california as a lone gunman and ex-cop fuelled by anger set out on a killing rampage. tonight from los angeles, we bring you the story of one man who waged a deadly war of retribution and take you inside one of the largest manhunts in los angeles police history. for almost a decade, irvine, california, has been known as the safest city in america. but in early february, this l.a. suburb was the scene of a terrible double murder. a crime at the time that offered no hint of the terror to come. >> call came out at 9:10 this eveni
'm martin savidge. we're about to get new details about the hunt for christopher dorner. as soon as this news conference gets under way, we're going to take you there. >>> right now in the san bernardino mountains, investigators are trying to find christopher dorner. investigators say he killed three people, including a police officer and injured two others last week across southern california. dorner mthreatened more bloodshed, saying he wants revenge on the police department after it fired him. casey, what are you hearing now? >> reporter: well, martin, you talked ant that investigation. that is continuing and that search is continuing near the community of big bear. that investigation has been significantly down sized. yesterday there were 125 people in those search teams. that number is down to 25. a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office says they're going to reassess tomorrow whether they're going to continue that search effort. they are still using air power in that search. there's a helicopter being deployed with body heat sensors. they have received several reports of sigh
christopher dorner was last known or suspected to have been, i just talked to the spokeswoman here at the police station. we do know that investigators are looking at more than 1,000 clues in their effort to find christopher dorner. >> could this video of a man resembling murder system christopher dorner provide a clue to his whereabouts? the video obtained by tmz shows him walking through the aisles of a southern california sporting goods store, he's carrying what appears to be one large scuba tank and one smaller one to the check out counter. >> they're going to look at the transactions that occurred at that time at that store and try to line up and make sure those transactions were done by dorner and that dorner is actually the one depicted in the video. >> reporter: investigators say last week dorner tried to steal a boat in san diego and his wallet and id were found near the san yisidro port of mexico. in los angeles, reported dorner sightings have poured into the command center. yesterday when officials offered a $1 million reward for dorner's arrest and conviction, the numbe
christopher dorner, but it ended after a deadly manhunt and a reign of terror. his duty to serve and to mete out punishment for the men and women of the police force that mattered to him. and then from the roots of the rage and to the rage and the inferno that consumed him. our search for a cop killer. randy kaye. >>> it has been a long two weeks as a lone gunman fueled by anger >>> it has been a long two weeks as a lone gunman fueled by anger set out on a killing rampage. tonight from los angeles, we bring you the story of one man who waged a deadly war of retribution, and take you inside one of the largest manhunts in los angeles police history. >> reporter: for almost a decade irvine, california, has been known as the safest city in america. but in early february, this l.a. suburb was the scene of a terrible double murder. a crime that at the time offered no hint of the terror the come. the call came out at 2100 at a parking structure. >> reporter: it was february 3rd on the police scan that two people had been shot dead in lawrence's parked car. each had been shot multiple times. >> we a
in that home is that of concern dorner. >>> reporter: sources tell cbs news that christopher dorner's body is inside this burned-out cabin near big bear, california. police cannot identify the body yet but they believe he was inside when it caught fire. the cabin was surrounded. >> there is no indication he escaped? >> we believe he is still inside the cabin, yes. >> reporter: police picked up dorner's trail tuesday after someone reported being carjacked. >> christopher dorner jumped out in front of my truck and stopped me at gunpoint. he said i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog with you. >> reporter: police followed the suspect to a nearby cabin and that's when the person inside opened fire. reportedderreporter carter evans captured the gunfire on his cell phone. officials focused their search in big bear after police found his pickup truck burning in the woods near here last week. police went door to door searching cabins for the suspect but cbs news learned dorner didn't get very far from where his
in the christopher dorner drama. >> it would have been really good to hear his side of the story. >> why dozens are protesting the manhunt for the fugitive ex-cop, accused of killing four people. >>> and plus, why bmw is recalling more than a half million of its cars. >>> and it is named after one of the world's fastest cars. >>> and our temperatures kick off this holiday weekend. they hit the 70s earlier. now, the seabreeze is picking up. 40 outside, the seven-day forecast is bringing a real winter blast our way, some rain in low elevations. snow in parts of california, when it arrives, coming up when we come right back. giovann . >>> a few du dozen people calli themselves we stand with christopher dorner, were in california today. jane yamamoto has a look at the demonstration. >> reporter: carrying signs that said clear his name, christopher dorner. >> we want the truth. >> reporter: some wore masks, representing victims of police brutality. you wish that christopher dorner survived? >> yes, in a way. because it would have been really good to hear his side of the story. >> reporter: a small g
-blooded, deadly. >> reporter: in less than a week, christopher dorner killed three people. wounded two and left an entire region on edge. and sparked the largest manhunt in los angeles police history. >> there was a murder and an attempted murder of three law enforcement officers today. the person responsible for that is still on the street and we don't know what he's going to do. >> reporter: the race to track down the highly trained former cop had begun. and the clock was ticking. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if y
's likely that it's him. nobody has seen him but they believe it's christopher dorner in the cabin. but again, nobody has seen him so they will not come out and say for sure that this is him. however, the san bernardino sheriff was out just about 30 minutes ago or so and he said that they believe that this is christopher dorner or they believe that the description matches christopher dorner. >> matches dorner. >> nobody has seen him. >> okay. edward lawrence, thank you. reporter carter evans found himself in the middle of the gun battle between authorities and the man they believe to be dorner. this was his report as those shots rang out. >> authorities have told us we need to stay low for our safety. moments ago we were caught in the middle of this gunfire between christopher dorner and authorities. we're told that two deputies have been hit by that gunfire, their condition unknown but take a look on the other side of the -- [ inaudible ] you can see police and s.w.a.t. team just a little bit down the road. they have dorner cornered in a cabi
bear area is christopher dorner. the former lapd officer turned shooting rampage suspect. the cabin is fou a pile of rubble. overnight the search for the body was delayed for hours because the cabin was too hot for investigators to go inside. now investigators have to rely on forensics to try to identify the body as dorner. for more on this developing story we turn to anthony schinn live near the cabin. what are you hearing about the investigation so far? >> well, right now we are hearing that investigators are over at the scene. you mentioned that they spotted the charred body. at this point we don't know if they have actually removed that body or if they are still scoping it out at this point. i will tell you one thing. they are going to do a dna test to make sure this is christopher dorner. just talking to officers in the area, they are all breathing a sigh of relief. they believe that's him. so this is just a formality to positively identify him. >> it's been amazing. walk us through the events ta led up to the fiery stand-off at the cabin. four our five days ago is when law enf
dorner's trail tuesday after someone reported being carjacked. >> christopher dorner jumped out in front of my truck and stopped me at gunpoint. he said i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog with you. >> reporter: police followed the suspect to a nearby cabin and that's when the person inside opened fire. cbs reporter carter evans captured the gunfire on his cell phone camera. two police officers were hurt. one is dead, one is wounded. officials focused their search in the big bear area after police found his truck burning in the woods here last week. police went door to door searching cabins for the suspect but cbs news learned dorner didn't get very far from where his truck was found. >> the cabin he was hiding out in, and we don't know for how long, it could have been sometime, was actually across the street from the police command post where they had been running the operation from. >> reporter: dorner is believed to have killed four people since february 3. he posted a manifesto on faceboo
with a special edition of "360." nine days of terror, the hunt for christopher dorner. tonight every moment that mattered from the roots of his rage, the terror he inflicted to the flames that apparently consumed his body. authorities cornered him and more importantly why they failed to find him sooner. we're going to hear from the man who came face to face with a combat ready but business-like dorner as he described what might have been a fatal encounter on a lonely road before all hell broke loose. we'll talk to an ex-lapd officer who is not surprised by what happened. >>> federal, state and local authorities have been briefing reporters on the latest. sheriff john mcmahon identifying the identity killed, jeremiah mackay, a father of two children, a 7-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son. he also said that additional testing will be done to conclusively identify the burned body which is believed to be that of christopher dorner. in addition, he denied any concerted effort to set that fire. take a look. >> i can tell you that it was not on purpose. we did not intentionally burn down that
, christopher dorner accused of killing three people. l.a. county supervisors will request a $100,000 reward on tuesday for information leading to dorner's arrest. the big blizzard that went through the northeast has left behind a lot of snow. folks in the area are busy clearing the roads and shoveling snow off of cars. trying to get back to normal after a day of being stuck inside. 370,000 people are still without heat or electricity. >>> joe paterno's family have released a report be a solving the late coach of blame in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. it said penn state's prior report from the paterno's widow is speaking out now as well on how she felt when she first learned of the accusations. >> it is still hard to accept, but when i read the first presentment of charges, i actually got physically ill. and couldn't read any more for a couple of days. >> the university responded to the family in a written statement saying it is understandable and predictable that people will draw their own conclusions and opinions from the facts uncovered in the fareed report. >>> boeing anxious to
's brian williams will join us in a few minutes with a live report. >> the body of christopher dorner, recovered from inside a burned out cabin in the mountains east of l.a. and with it the end of a wild and dangerous manhunt for an ex-cop. anything but a quiet ending. gunfire. flames, and another law enforcement officer killed. >> we have team coverage of all developments today. first, to the news 4 live desk. >> minutes ago a source inside the mayor's office in l.a. told nbc news police do believe the body found in that burned out cabin is indeed christopher dorner. this news after a dramatic and deadly day in this manhunt. here is how law enforcement says this all went down. s.w.a.t. teams shot out the windows to the cabin. then fired tear gas inside. brought in a special piece of heavy equipment to begin tearing down the walls one by one. no one escaped from that cabin, after the fire began. and again, christopher dorner was believed to be, what is believed christopher dorner's body, pretty sure, was found inside. the final hours of this nearly week-long saga began this afternoon
on mornings on 2 the man hunt finally appears to be over. the breaking news in the christopher dorner case. >>> developing news we've been following since 4:30. gun batting between -- gun battle between police and the suspect. ! ♪ ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess >>> one of the largest manhunts in u.s. history has come to an end. the breaking news in the christopher dorner case that we received just minutes ago. >> reporter: we're live in pittsburg where a police officer has been shot. we'll tell you who did it and why the investigation is still ongoing. >>> a frightening discovery outside of a south bay home that brought out the bomb squad. how it's all tied to a threat on an elected official. >> reporter: in a couple of hours, barry bonds will be in court trying to get his obstruction of
for this man, 33-year-old christopher dorner, a former los angeles police officer suspected of killing several people including a fellow officer. good morning, i am kristen sze. >> now, right to abc7 news reporter, katie, with the news. >> in the past 30 minutes we learned the search for christopher dorner is extended to las vegas because he owns a home there. police are searching for him in los angeles and san bernardino, orange, riverside, san diego and imperial county and could be driving a 2005 gray nissan pickup. as long as he is loose, the lapd has reassigned the motorcycle officers to cars and everyone is working in pairs. the police chief has given an update and has said he has multiple weapons. >> he knows what he is doing. we trained him. he was a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary. >> christopher dorner is armed and extremely dangerous. the targets are police officers and their families. the hunt is extensive. the death toll so far is throw. the killing spree started sunday, when police found a 27-year-old and 28-year-old fiance shot to death in their ca
christopher dorner,. >>> fugitive showdown. a gun battle between police and los angeles ex-cop on the run for murder charges. >> two deputies shot and a cabin up in flames. where is christopher dorner now? >>> hello, everyone. >> we begin with breaking news. >> wjz has learned from police in big bear california that they have pulled a body from the burned out cabin where ex-police officer christopher dorner was believed to be hiding. this after a deadly shootout with officers. this is a dramatic ending to a week-long nightmare. >> reporter: flames poured out of the cabin where police believe christopher dorner was holed up. police found themselves in a shootout when they swarmed the area tuesday afternoon. cbs reporter carter evans was near the scene and recorded the gun battle on his cell phone. >> i hear some screaming. >> reporter: through deputies were shot in the exchange, one of them has died. >> enough is enough. it's time to turn yourself in. it's time to stop the bloodshed. it's time to let this event and let this incident be over. >> reporter: officers were respon
morning with a developing story out of southern california. >> christopher dorner nellie rampage in a manhunt to find him appears to be over this morning. >> authorities say exit cop turned renegade did not emerge from a big bear, calif. cabin after was set on fire tuesday night. >> it is the end of an spree in which authorities say dorner took the life of a police officer, a sheriff's deputy, and to other people. jim spellman has the latest from outside the los angeles police department. >> christopher dorner the former police officer turned murder. >> it is difficult to identify the remains of someone in the building. that could take weeks. it will be a forensic dental analysis. >> he was spotted driving in the area by california fish and game officer. >> i noticed a white truck driving erratically at a high rate of speed. because he was drawn to this erratic behavior he took a good look at the driver. >> the suspect fired on him before carjacking another car and retreating into the woods into a cabin. >> to sheriff's deputies were shocked one later died. >> this is a very diff
the latest on the search for christopher dorner. >> we're talking temperatures nearing 70 thursday into friday. today upper 50s low 60s. it is really the extended forecast that is interesting. sunshine and dry weather to go around for the next several days. more on what to expect coming up in my next report. >> it is still a pretty, right in the bay area. no hot spots or delays. >> big move, just hours ago something that hasn't happened in almost 600 years, and a boat is resigning. pope benedictus 16 an ounce in vatican city that he plans to resign at the end of the month. >> i can tell you that he met with the cardinals in rome this morning. he announced them and latin first. we have the translation for you and i can tell you he said in part. after having repeatedly examine my conscience before god, i've come before certain see that my strength due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise and the ministry. he goes on to repeatedly say he needs strength of mind and body to perform the duties of his office. he believes he no longer possesses these. as head of
and then -- >> we're focusing on two people tonight. this guy, christopher dorner and the president of the united states. one is giving his state of the union address and the other is, perhaps, in that burning cabin. >> should the cable news channels spent so much time on that fatal california shootout with a cop killer? >>> as for the republican response, the moment everyone was talking about. >> some are jokingly calling it water, yes, watergate. >> seriously, why was the water so far away? it makes no sense. >> at that point, it's better to have no water. >> why was the press so upset with marco rubio's water bottle? >>> it was a battle of the titans. i head into the no-spin zone with bill o'reilly. i already won this round on points because you said, yes, i guess i should have mentioned it. the elephant in the room that kick started this debate. >> number one i said to goldburg, i should have mentioned it only because it would have avoided all of this nonsense. all right. >> but who's right about the media coverage of the president's war fare? >>> plus "esquire" lands a gripping series of int
against authorities. the suspect's name is christopher dorner. a former military man - a navy reservist. he was fired from the los angeles police department. tonight. police are searching high and low to flush him out. and to try and stop him from killing again. grant lodes joins us now. with the latest developments grant? >> reporter: right now swat team members have rifles drawn.they're walking the san bernardino mountains near big bear ski resport. more than 100 other officers are going door to door in the area.searching for christopher dorner. the search is focused there because dorner's burnt pick-up truck was found in the area earlier today. kron four's charles clifford continues our team coverage with a look at the difficult task of searching for a dangerous man in the snowy san bernardino mountians. >> reporter: big bear is about 100 miles east of downtown los angeles, in the san bernardino mountains. this is a view looking north across the area, big bear city sits here and just to the south of town is the bear mountain ski resort. now christopher dorner's burned out truck was f
community of corona. christopher dorner allegedly gets into a shootout with two l-a-p-d officers who followed him after seeing his truck. one bullet grazes an officer in the head. and dorner takes off. a short time later, about 2- am today in riverside. two riverside officers are ambushed. police say dorner shot the officers while they waited at a stop light while on routine patrol. one officer dies, the other critically injured. now 8:30 this morning - near the big bear ski resort in the san bernardino mountians. dorner's burned pickup truck is found. there's no sign of the 33- year old suspect. schools in the area go on lock-down. big bear later shuts down for the day. then early this afternoon. swat team members in fatigues are lowerd in helicopters into the mountainous terrain of the big bear region. they continue the dangerous search for christopher dorner with rifles drawn. i'll be following developments in this man- hunt all night. we'll have the latest information, and live pictures as they're happening. the manhunt for christopher dorner has stretched across all of southern
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